Teacher: Mrs. Lakisha Rowe

Contact Information: New Bern High School 514-6400 Room: 308

Lakisha.Rowe@craven.k12.nc.us (during school hours)

Lakisha.Rowe@hotmail.com (after school hours)

Class Resources: http://english-rowe.wikispaces.com

Engrade Online Gradebook

English II CP

Fall 2010

I. Introduction

Welcome to English II CP 1:1 Initiative. This course will immerse the student in world literature, improve the student’s oral and written communication skills and enhance his or her critical thinking skills while also supporting Civics and Economics. Mrs. Rowe will provide the students with the diverse opportunities to approach and study writing, world literature and also reinforce the Civics and Economics curriculum. Additionally, Civics and Economics teachers will work with English teachers to come up with assignments that link the two classes through technology. The student’s experiences should prove challenging, rigorous, and rewarding.

II. 1:1 Initiative

This year will be especially rewarding and challenging because the tenth graders at New Bern High School enrolled in English II and Civics will receive laptop computers with which they can work in class and at home. The program is not about teaching the use of technology itself, but rather it is designed to help teachers deliver the required curriculum in a way that integrates the subject matter through various resources and learning styles. Students will learn through using all of their senses. Computer technology may deliver information through visual animations and audio while students think, create, and respond. The laptops will allow the students to write, research, and communicate with other students and teachers all at once. Students will use secure, age-appropriate Internet resources as well as networking resources such as Wikispaces and Skype.

A parent meeting to distribute the laptops will be held Wednesday, September 1, at 6:00 P.M. (Please note this meeting was originally scheduled for Monday, August 30, but had to be rescheduled.) At the meeting teachers will collect money for insurance; the insurance fee will be $25.00

III. Writing Test/Writer’s Workshop

All tenth graders in North Carolina are required to take a writing test. The test will be in March and while scores do not effect graduation or promotion, they do appear on the students’ transcripts, and they indicate whether the students are performing at grade level.

Because of the significance of the test and because writing is an important academic skill, much of English II instruction will focus on improving students’ writing skills. A major part of instruction will be Writer’s Workshop which will take place three days a week. Writer’s Workshop is a teaching technique that invites students to write by making the process a meaningful part of the classroom curriculum. Ideally, students are introduced to the process of writing in the early elementary grades and write daily through varied activities. During these workshops, the students will work on personal, creative writing, writing for Civics and Economics, and also expository writing. From this work students will prepare a portfolio which will count five times in the second nine-weeks grade.

While this may seem like a lot of instructional time to be spent on writing, it is important to remember the role writing plays in high school, college, and the real world. Not only should the writing instruction this year help the students in the 10th grade writing test, it should also help them with the writing portion of the SAT and with the Graduation Project, which they will begin in English III.

IV. Assignments

In addition to extended writing and reading assignments and projects, students will have homework assignments. The assignments will be logged in Wikispaces as well as on a file on the student’s computer. Therefore, if parents have questions concerning homework assignments, they can check the student’s homework file. Such assignments are the rule not the exception.

Mrs. Rowe will not accept daily homework assignments late. Extended writing assignments and projects are accepted late, but Mrs. Rowe will detract a letter grade for each day the assignment is late. After four days the grade becomes a zero.

V. Projects/Exam

Students in Mrs. Rowe’s class will have a vocabulary project which will incorporate vocabulary from both English II and Civics and Economics. The project will be counted as 3 Major test grades.

Students in Mrs. Rowe’s class will also have to do a presentation which helps to prepare them for the North Carolina graduation presentation project presentation portion.

Students in Mrs. Rowe’s English II class will do a major research project. This project will be a multi-genre research paper tied to an issue in civics or economics. The students will research a topic and then present their research in a variety of genres, such as poems, letters, e-mails, fictional pieces, and diary entries. Because the research project will be the students’ final exam, it will count one-fourth of the students’ final grade.

In addition, students will do several inter-discipline projects to connect English to Civics and Economics.

VI. Evaluation

The students’ grades will be based on the following criteria:

Homework and daily grades: 40%

Notebook: 10%

Quizzes, tests, and projects: 50%


VII. Materials

Students will need a loose-leaf three ring binder, filler paper, flash drive, pen/pencils, and a composition notebook.


In addition to completing reading and writing assignments, occasionally classes will watch videos and DVDs to enhance, expand, and support understanding of classroom content. Mrs. Rowe chooses the videos carefully and makes sure they are aligned with curriculum and serve a definite purpose in the content material. Currently, Craven County policy states tat showing any video rated PG-13 requires parental permission. Please note that in signing this letter of introduction you give your child permission to view a film rated PG-13. Some of the videos Mrs. Rowe has used in the past include the following:

Life is Beautiful Hotel Rwanda Joyeux Noel

In Memory of Millions Jason and the Argonauts

Escape from Sobibor Osama

IX. Plagiarism

One commits plagiarism when one uses the words or thoughts of another and presents then as one’s own. Plagiarism is not only unethical; it’s illegal. Any student caught plagiarizing any assignment will receive a zero for that assignment. This includes reading as well as writing assignments. The students may not use another student’s work to complete reading questions or other homework assignments. If you have any questions about plagiarism, contact Mrs. Rowe.

Academic success involves cooperation from the student, parent, and teacher. Therefore, please feel free to contact Mrs. Rowe at any time to discuss any concerns you may have.